A fully functional audio & visual intercom system is one of the most helpful and reliable forms of security that any business or residence can have in place. It lets you safeguard your office or residence by giving you absolute control who you let into your building. Being such a crucial security feature for your home and office, you cannot just compromise with the quality of product you get or the installation services that you avail. You no longer need to worry about compromising on any of those fronts as we, at Nootz, are here to help you out.

    We offer a wide range of phone and audio-visual intercom systems that help you to easily identify and monitor the exit or entry requests from the premises. The safety of our customers is our prime concern, and so, we make sure to offer the finest products and the most reliable services.

    Here’s taking a look at some of the intercom services that we provide for our commercial and residential clients.

    Direct Phone Intercom Systems


    Our range of direct phone intercom systems offer highly effective security solutions for residential apartments, housing complexes, bungalows, villas, and offices. These intercom phones ensure that you do not just view the visitor through the monitor but also lets you talk to the visitor and you can only let him in after you are satisfied about his identity.

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    Audio-Visual Intercom Systems


    With high definition images and high quality audio, the audio-visual intercom systems that we install will make sure that you face no glitches in identifying the visitor before deciding on whether or not to let him in. These outdoor intercom systems also let you monitor any suspicious activity going on outside with the simple press of a button on the monitor.

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    Indoor Intercom Stations


    Whether you want a conventional model with a receiver or a hands free unit, fitted on the table or wall, the choice is yours. We will set up your audio-visual indoor intercom station just as you like it, and at any place inside your apartment complex, home, or office.


    Intercom With Added Security Features


    We understand that when it comes to security features, nothing can be termed as enough. So, we provide intercoms with added security features that let you automatically lock and unlock your door, send out alerts if necessary, and so on.

    Our four wired audio video intercom solutions are completely based on your needs. Our experienced team of engineers have the expertise to design a system that can work the best for your premises. The products we use do not just ensure absolute security for your property, but also comes with the promise of a user-friendly operation.

    We also offer system based on the application, and we can install two intercoms for two doors as easily as ten intercoms for two doors. Our high-end systems and years of working in this field have given us enough proficiency to handle both commercial and residential projects with equal ease. So, get in touch with us today to set up intercom services for your premises.