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    When it comes to security, the first thing to come to our mind is a camera. CCTV cameras are one of the most popular security solutions in the world. You can use CCTV solutions for several places. These help you to have a proper recording is the area monitored by the CCTV camera. When you have a corporation or business with a lot of inventory, then you are required to have a few CCTV cameras to monitor the place.

    We at Nootz help you to keep your store, business, house, or storage safe through our high-quality CCTV cameras. This ensures that you will have a proper understanding of the various processing of the place. Everything will be monitored closely through the CCTV camera. We have security advisors at our domain who can formulate a security solution through the CCTV cameras.

    CCTV Camera
    CCTV Camera Melbourne
    The various anti-theft solutions can be made through the combination of several systems. Some of the systems are as follows:


    1) High Definition Video – The video quality is high and clear. This helps you to see what is going on in the video. You can even notice things from far away as well. The CCTV cameras are analog and have high definition resolution of about 1080P. We also offer digital IP camera systems. This helps you to monitor in a robust way.

    2) Wireless Solutions – The solutions of the wireless working is another amazing security feature from Nootz. We help you to find the breaches through a wireless system that is working all throughout the day. As long as the structured cabling is not applied, we offer this feature of wireless solutions for the security. This structured cabling is made of fiber or copper.

    3) Camera Field of View – The field of view of the CCTV cameras is great and has a lot of benefits. You will be able to get a 360-degree field of vision, and you can know what is going on all around the monitored area. You can also opt for CCTV cameras that have a 180-degree vision.

    4) Number Plate Identification – We at Nootz offer a system where the CCTV camera will identify the number plate of a car. Later, when there is a problem or issue with the security, this number plate registration can be run for identification. This is another beneficial feature of the CCTV cameras.

    5) Point of Sale Integration – The point of sale integration of the CCTV cameras is another beneficial aspect when it comes to Nootz. We offer a team with rich experience and provide the sale point integration.

    6) Smart Phone Application – One of the most popular features of the CCTV cameras from our domain is the Smartphone application. This helps you to check the footage of the CCTV cameras through the application over your mobile device itself.


    These are the features of the CCTV cameras and the security solutions from Nootz. You can avail a lot of benefits from the features of our CCTV cameras. We at Nootz offer a team of professionals who will be able to help you with all your security solutions.